Asking questions about paradigms and INET

Dinner has already rolled around on what has been a quick day.

We have managed to corner Steve Keen and Dirk Bezemer for a round of questions and have confirmed Axel Leijonhufvud and Nicola Giocoli for tomorrow (in fact I am borrowing Nicola’s iPad for this post as my laptop seems to have given up). That all said we are asking people four key questions and then building around that depending on answers and who people are.

We are trying to find out where people think that the ‘open’ economics being promoted by INET would lead to for economics in the future. Would there be a discipline? What are its boundaries? Then we are asking about who economists are And should be aimed at, what single thing people should know about the economy and finally what is this Paradigm Lost? Will there be a Paradigm Found?

So far the answers do not agree - I hope that continues :)

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