Daniel H. Neilson

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Liquidity, Down the Drain

Article | Oct 17, 2012

China released quarterly GDP figures this week. Wen Jiabao emphasized the parts of the release that pointed toward stabilization, and one can certainly find some logic to that view.


Article | Sep 18, 2012

Last Thursday, the Fed announced its anticipated third round of balance-sheet expansion, at a fixed rate of about $40B per month “until [substantial] improvement [in unemployment] is achieved in a context of price stability”.

The fix was in

Article | Jul 28, 2012

In Friday’s FT, former Morgan Stanley trader Douglas Keenan traces banks’ LIBOR manipulations back to 1991, when he observed, from the futures desk, LIBOR fixings come in at levels different from where he new the market to be.

Swexit - When will Switzerland exit the euro?

Article | Jun 6, 2012

Since September 2011, the Swiss National Bank has held a floor of 1.20 francs per euro.