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Philip Mirowski is Carl Koch Chair of Economics and the History and Philosophy of Science, and Fellow of the Reilly Center, University of Notre Dame. He is author of, among others, Machine Dreams (2002), The Effortless Economy of Science? (2004), More Heat than Light (1989), Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste (2013), and ScienceMart: privatizing American science (2011). He is editor of Agreement on Demand (2006) and The Road from Mont Pèlerin: the making of the neoliberal thought collective (2009), and Building Chicago Economics (2011) among other works. Outside of ongoing research on the history and analysis of the commercialization of science, he is also working on a computational complexity approach to the crisis, and a new book on the history of the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economics, sometimes called the Nobel. He was awarded the Ludwig Fleck Prize from 4S in 2006, and has been visiting professor at Yale, Oxford, NYU, Duke, Paris, the University of Technology-Sydney and the University of Amsterdam.

More info: http://reilly.nd.edu/people/reilly-fellows/philip-mirowski/

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This is Water (or is it Neoliberalism?)

Article | May 25, 2016

A meditation on Vercelli, Vernengo and Levitt & Seccareccia

The Political Movement that Dared not Speak its own Name: The Neoliberal Thought Collective Under Erasure

Paper Working Paper Series | | Aug 2014

Why do so many people who should know better argue that Neoliberalism ‘does not exist’?

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General Equilibrium Theory: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing?

Article | Aug 16, 2016

Does general equilibrium theory sufficiently enhance our understanding of the economic process to make the entire exercise worthwhile, if we consider that other forms of thinking may have been ‘crowded out’ as a result of its being the ‘dominant discourse’? What, in the end, have we really learned from it?

Introducing the Symposium on Neoliberalism

Article | May 26, 2016

Is Neoliberalism a fixed set of ideas, or even an identifiable political movement?

What Should Microeconomists Study?

YSI Event Workshop YSI | Hosted by Philosophy of Economics | Dec 1, 2015

In the final webinar in the Philosophy of Economics group in 2015, professor Philip Mirowski will join us for a discussion of his work in Philosophy of Economics. We will ask Professor Mirowski “What is the object of study of microeconomics?”

Why Is There a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics?

Video | Aug 16, 2011

The Nobel Memorial Prize defines high achievement in economics, and it validates the discipline’s claim for scientific authority. And yet, historically, it can be understood as a reflection of domestic policy conflicts in Sweden.