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Hell is Truth Seen Too Late

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The contemporary literature on neoliberalism has grown so large as to be unwieldy. For some on the left, this has presented an occasion to denounce it altogether.

The purpose of this talk is to briefly diagnose some of the possible reasons for the spreading disaffection, and to link that diagnosis to some important developments in current politics. One of the most notable aspects of the literature is its unwillingness to approach neoliberalism first and foremost as a set of epistemological precepts, recruited in service of a political program. Marxists in particular seem to find this proposition an anathema—and there are important reasons this has been repressed in the ensuing discussions. I conclude by suggesting the critical importance of epistemology stands not as some abstract thesis, but has had dire consequences in at least two recent political battles: the post-election fascination with ‘fake news’; and the impending Uberization of modern science under the banner of ‘openness’.