Max Roser

Max Roser is working on income inequality and inclusive growth. He is analyzing the growth of average incomes in different percentiles of the income distribution, focusing on the different factors causing unequal growth. The research is based on long-term data from the World Top Incomes Database. He is especially interested in the impact of international trade and political changes on income inequality in industrialized countries.

Here are some links to Max’s projects and his personal webpage:

Additionally, Max is working on a project that is tracking the long-term development of living standards and quality of life.

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The link between health spending and life expectancy: The US is an outlier

Article | Aug 18, 2016

The US stands out as an outlier: the US spends far more on health than any other country, yet the life expectancy of the American population is not longer but actually shorter than in other countries that spend far less.

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Max Roser collaborates with Hans Rosling on BBC Documentary

Article | Sep 16, 2015

Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford researcher Max Roser recently collaborated with world famous Swedish statistical showman Hans Rosling on the upcoming documentary ‘Don’t Panic: How To End Poverty In 15 Years’.