Carlos Lopes

Carlos Lopes is Professor at Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and Visiting Professor at Sciences Po in Paris, France.

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Paper: Structural Transformation, Economic Development and Industrialization in Post-Covid-19 Africa

Article | Jan 14, 2021

While Africa’s “premature deindustrialization” appears to be the dominant global narrative, recent analysis of the data suggests that de-industrialization is not the common experience for the majority of African countries

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Food Security in Africa: “This Crisis Has Shown the Limits to Africa’s Resilience”

Article | Dec 1, 2022

“We risk a global decoupling in which East and West face off in a cold war, and Africans are caught in the middle,” says Professor Carlos Lopes in an interview with Folashadé Soulé and Camilla Toulmin