Dirk Willem te Velde

Dirk Willem te Velde Head of Programme Overseas Development Institute United Kingdom Dirk Willem te Velde is the programme leader of the Investment and Growth Programme at the Overseas Development Institute. His recent work includes an influential study on the effects of the global financial crisis in 11 developing countries involving 50 developed and developing country researchers. He has also advised donor agencies, parliaments and multilateral bodies on responses to the global financial crisis. Previously, Mr. te Velde led research teams providing policy advice on trade, growth and investment in subSaharan Africa (e.g. Malawi, Botswana), Asia (e.g. Cambodia) and the Caribbean, worked with business and NGOs, and on state-business relations for the Research Programme Consortium of Institutions and pro-poor growth. He has written extensively on topics related to growth, trade and investment issues, and his work has been widely published. He has a PhD from Birkbeck College, University of London.

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Paper: Structural Transformation, Economic Development and Industrialization in Post-Covid-19 Africa

Article | Jan 14, 2021

While Africa’s “premature deindustrialization” appears to be the dominant global narrative, recent analysis of the data suggests that de-industrialization is not the common experience for the majority of African countries