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The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) is a growing international community comprising thousands of students, young professionals and researchers committed to new and critical ways of thinking about the economy. Our members are organized into 17 working groups and are drawn from more than 100 countries.

YSI seeks to create an open space for critical thought and inquiry. Its mission is to cultivate and inspire a new generation of economic thinkers committed to a vision of economic thinking that is free of intellectual barriers, resonates with reality, and serves our global society.

The community provides an exploratory, supportive and inclusive framework for young scholars to initiate their own projects and work together exploring common concerns in hundreds of webinars organized by the Working Groups each year, and an expanding calendar of live events.

To join our community, begin by creating a member profile on our new Young Scholars Directory, then join one of our working groups that conforms most closely to your interests.

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