Podcast: Economics & Beyond


China vs. West: New World Disorder

Apr 21, 2022

The Toronto Star journalist Joanna Chiu discusses her book, China Unbound: A New World Disorder, which argues that we need to go beyond the typical over-simplifications of democratic West versus autocratic China if we hope to engage China in a way that seriously addresses issues such as human rights, climate change, and economic development.


Unshackling India for Economic Revival

Feb 24, 2022

Ajay Chhibber, Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Institute of International Economic Policy, George Washington University, and India’s first Director General of Independent Evaluation with the status of Minister of State in 2013-14, discusses his co-authored book, Unshackling India, about what needs to happen for India’s economy to take off.


US Healthcare Strangled by Massive Insurance Profits and Money in Politics

Feb 17, 2022

Former health insurance executive turned whistleblower and investigative journalist Wendell Potter discusses the many ways in which the private health insurance system of the US is not serving anyone well except the insurance companies’ owners