Podcast: Economics & Beyond


Our Thousand-Year Struggle over Technology and Prosperity

May 16, 2023

Simon Johnson, the co-author of the just-released book Power and Progress (co-authored with Daron Acemoglu), discusses the book, what new technologies hold in store for us, and how societies might better manage and govern them.


Iconik: Beyond ESG

Feb 2, 2023


A Time Bomb in Global Finance

Jan 12, 2023


The Misguided Forces Driving Conflict Escalation Between the US and China

Dec 1, 2022

Yale Law School Fellow Stephen Roach, discusses his just-released book, Accidental Conflict. Roach explores how much of the adversarial nationalist rhetoric in both China and the USA is dangerously misguided and more a reflection of each nation’s fears and vulnerabilities than a credible assessment of the risks they face.


The New Economics of Debt and Financial Fragility

Nov 17, 2022

University of Bonn and Sciences Po economics professor Moritz Schularick talks to Rob about the soon-to-be-released book, Leveraged, which he edited based on papers from an INET-sponsored conference. The book takes a close look at what we have learned about the costs and causes of financial fragility since 2008.


The World After Capital

Aug 9, 2022


Trading Fear for Hope

Jul 21, 2022


The Search for the Soul of Business

Jul 14, 2022