Podcast: Economics & Beyond


john powell: The Pandemic is a Missed Opportunity to Address Racial Disparities

Jan 25, 2021

INET board member and Othering & Belonging Institute Director john a. powell discusses the ways in which the pandemic intersects with racial inequality and how government policy could address both problems at the same time.


A History of the Nuclear Danger that the Military Industrial Complex Engineered

Dec 14, 2020

Famous whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg discusses his book, The Doomsday Machine, which chronicles the tremendous threat to humanity that US nuclear war planners deliberately considered and whose plans he was going to leak instead of the Pentagon Papers, had it not been for the Vietnam War. Part 1 of 3.


Challenging the Conventional Development Wisdom of Both the Left and the Right

Dec 10, 2020

Christopher Cramer and John Sender, authors of the book, African Economic Development: Evidence, Theory, and Policy, discuss their book (co-written with Arkebe Oqubay) and how economic policy needs to be rooted in flexibly responding to changing circumstances and consequences, instead of dogma. Link to a PDF version of the book: http://fdslive.oup.com/www.oup.com/academic/pdf/openaccess/9780198832331.pdf