Podcast: Economics & Beyond


Trita Parsi: How US Foreign Policy Makes Everyone, Including the US, Less Safe

Jan 5, 2021

Quincy Institute Vice President Trita Parsi talks about the incredible amount of destruction that US foreign policy has wrought in Iran and in many other places, and how it has actually made the US less safe and less able to address the challenges ahead


Richard Kozul-Wright and Orsola Costantini Discusses UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Report 2020

Nov 20, 2020

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s Richard Kozul-Wright and Orsola Costantini say we can continue misguided policy choices or collectively chart a new path that leads from recovery to a more resilient, more equal and more environmentally sustainable world.


Sarah Chayes: How Corrupt Elites Extract Wealth From Ordinary Americans

Nov 17, 2020

National security expert Sarah Chayes discusses her new book, On Corruption in America: and What Is at Stake. Chayes explores how corruption in U.S. state and society furthers and deepens inequality.