Podcast: Economics & Beyond


There is no Alternative Beyond Cooperation or Extinction

Feb 11, 2021

Andrew Sheng, Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Global Institute, University of Hong Kong, talks about the love-hate relationship between the US and China and how both sides must learn to cooperate to address the world’s most pressing problems


William Janeway: Government's Role in R&D and in Addressing Climate Change

Jan 11, 2021

University of Cambridge professor and INET co-founder William Janeway discusses the crucial role that government has always played in generating technological innovation, how this role has been diminished in recent years, and the problems this lack of attention will cause for the US in the near future


Alan Light: Looking Back and Looking Ahead in the World of Music

Jan 7, 2021

Alan Light, veteran music journalist and host of “In The Light” on SiriusXM, discusses how the pandemic affected the world of music, what we gained and what we lost, and what we might look forward to for 2021