Podcast: Economics & Beyond


Indian Development History and New Horizons for Asia

Apr 15, 2021

Former Deputy Chairman of India’s Planning Commission, Montek Ahluwalia, and Nobel Laureate Michael Spence discuss Ahluwalia’s book BackStage: The Story Behind India’s High Growth Years, and explore the challenges for the developing world more generally.


The Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal

Feb 25, 2021

UMass Amherst professor and PERI Co-Director Robert Pollin discusses his latest book that he co-authored with Noam Chomsky, about the Global Green New Deal and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in addressing the climate crisis


Changing the Conversation on the Climate Emergency

Feb 22, 2021

David Fenton, the founder of the progressive PR firm Fenton Communications, takes a close look at what needs to be done to improve how we talk about the climate emergency so that everyone listens and acts accordingly