Holiday announcements... History at the ASSA

Mid August, with the Olympics over, Paralympics and Premiership starting (that’s Soccer for the American readership), it is well and truly the quiet period for most of academia.

But now is also the time for conference announcements (for the next season) and I just discovered that the History of Economics Society will have four sessions at the 2013 year’s ASSA, featuring fellow bloggers Tiago and Yann.

- Real Business Cycle after three decades: Past, Present and Future
(B2) (Panel Discussion) [Jan 04, 10:15 am]
- “Keynes and the International Monetary System”: The Centennial of Keynes (1913) Indian Currency and Finance
(B1) [Jan 04, 12:30 pm]
- Writing MIT’s History
(B2) [Jan 04, 2:30 pm]
- Looking for Best Practices in Economic Journalism: Past and Present
(Z1) [Jan 05, 10:15 am]

So if you’re going to San Diego, there are good opportunities for doing a bit of history… But if you can’t wait, you could always head to North England around the 4 September for the UK history of thought conference - and who knows, the sun might still be shining.

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