A Quick One (Message to Naomi)

Yesterday, I had my first introductory economics seminar with my new students.

At the end of this 4-hour marathon, which included the definition of economics and some preliminary knowledge on methodology, economic history and the history of the discipline, one of my students, who, I had noticed, stared at me quite incredulously during my speech, approached me and asked me in an aside: “Mr. Giraud, have you read the Shock Doctrine?”. My being a henchman of the capitalist system and an advocate of its innumerable horrors had been revealed to him.

Naomi, I understand that the business of ideas is a very competitive one and that it might be a bit easier to thrive there with some simplistic views of the world and a well-rounded rhetoric. It might even be nicer if you wear a fancy leather jacket which, I must admit, leaves a very good impression upon me - I love the red-and-white stripes on your right shoulder! - but, seriously: please stop brainwashing my students!

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