Rosie Collington

Rosie Collington is a Junior Researcher with the Academic-Industry Research Network and MSc student at the University of Copenhagen. She has previously worked in health policy and advocacy at medical research and patient organizations in the UK.

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Who Benefits When the Price of Insulin Soars?

Article | Apr 16, 2020

Contrary to pharmaceutical company claims, revenue from high insulin prices are going to shareholders, not R&D

Profits, Innovation and Financialization in the Insulin Industry

Paper Working Paper Series | | Apr 2020

This paper considers the relationship between profits realized from higher insulin list prices, pharmaceutical innovation, and the financial structures of the three dominant insulin manufacturing companies, which set list prices.

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Think Big Pharma Won’t Profiteer in the Race to Treat Coronavirus? Think Again.

Article | May 5, 2020

Evidence shows pharmaceutical companies won’t stop price-gouging and risking American lives for financial gain in this time of crises – unless we force them.