History of postwar economics, history of macroeconomics, monetary economics

I am an economist by training and historian by heart. In fact, I usually say that I have a split soul, as I like to engage historically with recent economics (i.e., economics produced after World War II), in particular macroeconomics. I’ve been working on how modern tools, techniques and modeling strategies came to be dominant, or had their use stabilized in the postwar period. In common with the other “Kids” of the History of Economics Playground, I’m interested on the particular communities and networks in which the use of those tools are stabilized, and how technical knowledge is created.

I’m professor of economics at the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP), and several of my academic work can be found in my page at SSRN, and, for those who dare to know Portuguese, in my official homepage.

I like very much the sand of this Playground and hope to have a playful interaction with the e-world.

By this expert

Travelling Knowledge and Tools

Article | Sep 15, 2015

News about a wonderful workshop, “Knowledge Transfer and Its Contexts”

History of Economics on the Making

Article | Jun 1, 2015

New topics and approaches make their way into two recent conferences on the history of economics

History as Personal Expression — a personal note

Article | Apr 22, 2015

Economists and historians of economics have constructed different (and sometimes conflicting) narratives about the past of their field. In fact what is history for economists may not be what is history for historians. To celebrate its 125th anniversary, the Economic Journal invited renowned economists to discuss important contributions published in the past by the journal and the works on similar topics by historians of economics are absent from these accounts. History of economics here seems to have the weight of a JEL descriptor attached to an invited contribution, which we ought to agree that it is not much.

Paul Krugman on the MIT History

Article | Mar 2, 2015

My friend and “grown-up kid” Yann Giraud just called my attention to Paul Krugman’s recent column, “Empire of the Institute”, on Roy Weintraub’s recently edited HOPE volume “MIT and the Transformation of American Economics” (to which three Playground kids contributed: Yann, Beatrice Cherrier and myself).