Özlem Ömer earned her PhD from the New School for Social Research at the Department of Economics. Currently she is a postdoctoral researcher at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey.  She does research in growth-distribution, structural change and income distribution in developed and developing countries, and modeling market behavior during economic crises.

Her papers on these topics are titled ‘Race to the Bottom: Low Productivity, Market Power, and Lagging Wages’ (with Lance Taylor), and ‘Equilibrium-Disequilibrium Dynamics of the US Housing Market, 2000-2015: A Quantal Response Statistical Equilibrium Approach’. She is currently working on the sectoral analysis of the structural change and its effects on income inequality in Turkey.

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Race to the Bottom: Low Productivity, Market Power, and Lagging Wages

Paper Working Paper Series | | Aug 2018

“Dualism” in the structure of production across sectors of the US economy, employment by sector, productivity levels and growth, real wages, and intersectoral terms-of trade increased markedly between 1990 and 2016.

Where Do Profits and Jobs Come From? Employment and Distribution in the US Economy

Paper Working Paper Series | | May 2018

“Meso” level analysis of 16 producing sectors sheds light on broad forces shaping growth of employment and profits. 

Wealth Concentration, Income Distribution, and Alternatives for the USA

Paper Working Paper Series | | Sep 2015

US household wealth concentration is not likely to decline in response to fiscal interventions alone.