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Laurene Tran

Coordinator of the YSI Innovation Working Group

In 2014 together with Besiana Balla I co-founded the Economics of Innovation Working Group.  

My main research interest are :

— The history of innovation studies
— Competition, Innovation, and Regulation in the Digital Economy
— Theories of entrepreneurship 

I had the opportunity to study economics, business and sociology in Denmark, the U.S, Italy and France.

I also gives lectures at SciencesPo Paris for the courses “History of Tech Revolutions”, “The Digital Transition of Organisations“ within the Master of Public Policy  — Digital New Technology and Public Policy, and the module “How to Build Ambitious Startups in Europe?” at the Public Policy Incubator.

With young professionals and students, I am also working to bridge the gap between the academic world and public debate with the journal Regards Croisés sur l’Economie.

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From Terrible to Terrific Undergraduate Economics Curricula

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Among the areas left largely unscathed by the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent never-­‐ending recession, the teaching of economics ranks high.