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Economics of Innovation

The Innovation Working Group views Innovation as being central to the process of economic development and growth. The Working Group aims to study how economic actors, policies, technology and market conditions interact and evolve over time. We provide a platform to create professional and academic networks for young scholars to share and promote their work on innovation related topics. 

Since its creation in 2014, the group has managed the following events:

- A panel on how to research cryptocurrencies at the Festival for New Economic Thinking with Perry MehrlingRohan Grey and Izabella Kaminska. Read more about it in the Financial Times. Edinburgh 18-21 October 2017

— 3 day Conference at the Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance known as the Innovation Working Group Annual Conference on: “Innovation, Institutions and Governance” with Carlota Perez, Mary O’Sullivan, Erik S. Reinert, Dan Breznitz, William Janeway, and round tables with local policy-makers in Tallinn, 16-19 September 2017

— 4 day workshop at the Latin America Convening on “Globalization and the Developing World” in Mexico City, June 2017

— 2 Day workshop on “Bubbles in finance, science and society” with William H. Janeway at the Economics of Post- Factual Democracy Conference in Copenhagen, February 2017

— 3 Day annual YSI plenary at the Central European University with a panel on : “Economics of Innovations and Innovation in Economics” with William Lazonick, Mariana Mazzucato and Giovanni Dosi in Budapest, October 2016

— 2 Day workshop on Basic Income at The Future of Work Conference in Zurich, May 2016

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