John B. Davis is Professor of Economics, Marquette University, and Professor of Economics, University of Amsterdam. He has authored Keynes’s Philosophical Development (Cambridge), The Theory of the Individual in Economics (Routledge), and Individuals and Identity in Economics (Cambridge), and he co-authored Economic Methodology: Understanding Economics as a Science (Palgrave). He was visiting professor at Sorbonne, Cambridge University, Erasmus University, and Duke University. He is co-editor of the Journal of Economic Methodology, past president of the History of Economics Society, the International Network for Economic Method, the Association for Social Economics, and past vice-president of the European Society for the History of Economics.

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Methodology, Systemic Risk, and the Economics Profession

Article | Jul 22, 2013

Changing the incentives for how economists determine both the content of the subject and their approach to scientific research could increase the range of thinking in the profession

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Feelings Offstage

Article | Apr 15, 2012

INET Berlin 2012 - back home again. On stage, it’s been a huge amount of claims, assertions, and arguments about what went wrong, about what exactly happened, about why this time was different, about what will certainly happen, and about what remains deeply uncertain, about what “we” shall do about it, about what “we” could do better.

How to Avoid Herding in Research

Video | Aug 15, 2011

An individual fish reduces the danger to itself by swimming as close as possible to the center of the school. That is how schools hold together.