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Even in France, Money Rules Politics

Article | Feb 15, 2018

France, like many Western European countries, has strong campaign finance laws and a vibrant multiparty system. Yet even there, money has had a corrosive effect on democracy, as private donations have an outsized impact on electoral outcomes.

The Price of a Vote: Evidence from France, 1993-2014

Paper Working Paper Series | | Feb 2018

Money in politics is not a strictly American phenomenon. In France, despite strong campaign finance laws, campaign donations have a direct influence on legislative and municipal election results.

Rethinking Growth and the State

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2011

Government intervention is often perceived as a constraint on market forces and thereby on economic growth.

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Le Monde: L’impact des dons sur les résultats électoraux est un sujet central En savoir plus sur

News Feb 15, 2018

Julia Cagé explains the impact of money on French elections


From the Origins of Economic Ideas to the Challenges of Our Time

Event Plenary | Oct 21–23, 2017

INET gathered hundreds of new economic thinkers in Edinburgh to discuss the past, present, and future of the economics profession.

Capitalism and the media: Can crowdfunding spare us from bad news?

Video | May 18, 2016

Julia Cage warns that a media ravaged by market forces cannot serve democracy’s need for an informed citizenry.

A Press That Serves the People in a Capitalist Society?

Article | May 5, 2016

A new book by economist Julia Cagé offers a participatory business model for independent media.