Giulia Zacchia

Giulia Zacchia is a research fellow in Economics at Sapienza University of Rome. She holds a PhD in History of Economic Thought from the University of Macerata (Italy). She worked on microfinance and in the formal financial sector in Italy. She specializes in the history of contemporary economics with a gender perspective, and in methods and consequences of research evaluation in economics. Her research interests extend to microfinance, women’s empowerment and migrations.

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The Dark Side of Discrimination in the Economics Profession

Article | Nov 3, 2017

How Women Are Forced to Conform to the Research Habits and Interests of Men

Diversity in Economics: A Gender Analysis of Italian Academic Production

Paper Working paper | | Aug 2017

Economists’ infamous failure at predicting the recent financial crisis has brought new impetus to studies on diversity in the economics profession. Such studies have underlined how diversity plays a prominent role in enriching economic analyses.

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