Carlo D'Ippoliti

Carlo D’Ippoliti is associate professor of economics at the Department of Statistics, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), where he is also a member of the Minerva Laboratory. He is the managing editor of PSL Quarterly Review (formerly known as Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review) and of Moneta e Credito. In 2018 he was awarded the Lyncean Academy’s Feltrinelli Prize for young social scientists.

Carlo obtained a joint Ph.D. in economics from the universities of Rome “La Sapienza” and “W.F. Goethe” of Frankfurt am Main.

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American Household Debt: A Reappraisal

Article | Jan 2, 2024

Which households are more exposed to financial risk and to what extent is their debt systemically relevant?

Mapping Fragility – Functions of Wealth and Social Classes in US Household Finance

Paper Working Paper | | Jan 2024

Examining the crucial role of poverty and inequality in shaping household indebtedness.

Italy’s Crisis Is the Left’s Crisis

Article | Jun 22, 2018

When politics is defined in terms of “populism” vs. “the mainstream,” the possibility for real economic reform is diminished.

Citation Counts: Consequences on the Development of Economics

Paper Presentation | | May 2018

A presentation from the panel “Research Evaluation in Economic Theory and Policy Making” at the 2018 G20 Global Solutions Summit in Berlin

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