Corrado Di Guilmi is Lecturer in Economics at the Business School of the University of Technology, Sydney. He has published several articles in economic and interdisciplinary journals and one book. His research activity is mainly devoted to the theoretical and empirical investigation of the links between financial instability and the business cycle and, in particular, between financial micro-variables and the macroeconomy. His most recent research focuses on the development of analytical solution methods for heterogeneous agents models and their application in Keynesian macroeconomic models of financial fragility.

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Beyond Representative-Agent Macroeconomics

Video | Jan 3, 2014

Corrado DiGuilmi and Laura Carvalho, grantees of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, have individually been exploring two possible alternative analytical entry points: mean field methods from physics and stock flow consistent modeling from accounting. The idea behind their grant is to work together to combine these two approaches, the first bottom-up and the second top-down.

Mathematics for New Economic Thinking

Event Workshop | Oct 26–19, 2013

This workshop has the dual aim to expose mathematicians to new research problems in economics and economists to new techniques and developments in mathematics.