Mathematics for New Economic Thinking

Oct 26–19, 2013 Download .ics

Toronto, Canada | The Fields Institute

This workshop has the dual aim to expose mathematicians to new research problems in economics and economists to new techniques and developments in mathematics.

Since its creation in 2009, the Institute for New Economic Thinking has been extremely successful in identifying pervasive flaws in the existing paradigms in economics and promoting exciting new avenues for research, including agent-based models, radical uncertainty, the role of banking and finance, and effective policy responses. Many of these topics pose new and challenging mathematical problems, far beyond the scope of tools used in traditional subjects such as general equilibrium theory and efficient market hypothesis.
On the other hand, the Fields Institute, as one of the leading international research centers in mathematics, is a focal point for developments in dynamical systems, nonlinearity, network science, complexity theory, game theory, and other mathematical techniques that also extend far beyond the domain of traditional tools used in economics.
The objective of this workshop is to combine the strengths of both institutes and provide the basis for fruitful collaborations towards equipping new economic thinking with modern and illuminating mathematical tools, which go beyond the traditional approaches championed in neoclassical economics.

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