Hanna joined Birmingham City Business School in 2019. Prior to this, she worked as a lecturer in economics at the Open University.

She holds PhD from the University of Leeds, specialising in inequality, financialisation, and economic policy through the lens of heterodox schools of thought, using theoretical macroeconomic models as well as parametric and non-parametric quantitative methods.

Hanna is committed to promoting pluralism and inclusivity in economics. She sits on the Executive Board of Diversifying and Decolonising Economics, the Advisory Board of the Women’s Budget Group Early-Career Network, the Section Editors Board of E-Finanse Journal, and the Editorial Board of The Mint Magazine. She is a member of Reteaching Economics.

Hanna has worked with the UK Civil Service as Assistant Economist and has also contributed to policy reports, collaborating with Think-tank Action for Social Change (TASC).

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One Nation, Under Finance

Video | Sep 23, 2020

Access to finance was supposed to reduce inequality, and make us all better off. Why hasn’t that happened?