YSI Successfully Holds Fifth and Final Regional Convening in Asia

An update from INET’s Young Scholars Initiative

Over the course of 2018-2019, the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) has invited its members all over the globe to participate in convenings in their particular region in order to collaborate and inspire each other in creating the economic thinking of the future.

After the European Regional Convening in Trento, Italy in June 2018, the Latin American Regional Convening in Buenos Aires, Argentina in July 2018, the African Regional Convening in Harare, Zimbabwe in August 2018, and the North America Regional Convening in Los Angeles in February 2019, the time had finally come for the fifth and final regional convening: the Asia Regional convening that took place at Vietnam National University in Hanoi from August 12-15, 2019

The Asia convening welcomed hundreds of young scholars to Hanoi. The program contained more than 150 presentations in sessions organized by 17 YSI working groups, including working groups on Africa, Complexity, Cooperatives, Development, East Asia, Economic History, Finance, Law and Economics, Financial Stability, Gender and Economics, Inequality, Innovation, Keynesian Economics, South Asia, States and Markets, Sustainability, Urban and Regional Economics, Gender and East Asia, and History of Economic Thought.

Although the research presented is diverse and detailed, the members of YSI share a commitment to serve our global society by collaboratively working towards addressing the biggest challenges of the 21st century. The working groups brainstormed on dozens of new potentials for collaboration, which will be turned into YSI workshops and webinars over the coming months and years.

At five different occasions during the convening, the discussions were sparked invited keynote speakers including Jayati Ghosh, Katharina Pistor, Danny Quah, Naomi Klein (via Skype) and Andrew Sheng.

After the completion of all five regional convenings, the next major YSI event will be the global plenary that will take place in 2020.

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