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Call for Abstracts “Complexity in Economics Research”

The Complexity Economics working group welcomes submissions from economics and all related disciplines.

Complexity science is the application of methods and concepts that take into account heterogeneity and interaction between actors, the network structure of actors and/or data, and potentially chaotic behaviour of dynamic systems. Work to be presented may be empirical, theoretical, based on simulations or even completely conceptual. If your research touches upon e.g. agent-based models, the analysis of network structures, or nonlinear dynamics, you are welcome to apply. The complexity economics working group welcomes applications by students below PhD-student level Invited contributions:

Everything complexity and economics related. That extends to, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Networks

  • Agent-based models
  • Fractals

  • Complex/chaotic dynamics

  • Economic geography

  • Heterogeneous agent approaches

  • Non-rational actors and their dynamics

All submissions ought to be original work. Please click here to submit your work.