Mexico, NAFTA, and the Future of the North American Economy

at World Economic Roundtable

A discussion featuring Kenneth Smith, Head of the Trade and NAFTA Office of the Ministry of the Economy of Mexico, and Jay Pelosky, Principal of Pelosky Global Strategies.

After first threatening to withdraw from NAFTA, the Trump administration recently announced that it will instead seek to re-negotiate NAFTA to improve it for American business and workers. Kenneth Smith, a key figure in the Mexican government on trade and NAFTA, will share with us Mexico’s view of the Trump administration’s approach to Mexico and how it sees the prospects for the U.S.-Mexican economic relationship. Jay Pelosky will in turn discuss the risks and opportunities associated with re-negotiating NAFTA and offer his views of how Mexico and the United States might work together to build a stronger North American economy that serves the interests of both countries.


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