Yu Yongding


Yu Yongding attended Beijing Scientific Technology College and Oxford University in England. Mr. Yu worked at the Beijing Heavy Machinery Factory for a decade, before resuming his education in England, where he studied Macroeconomics and International Finance. He has served as Director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences since 1994.

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Imbalances in China's International Payments System

Article | Jul 13, 2017

Why it’s urgent that China adjust its balance of payment structure and safeguard its foreign assets

Is Mercantilism Doomed to fail? China, Germany, and Japan and The Exhaustion of Debtor Countries

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2013

Mercantilism, Accumulation of Foreign Exchange Reserves, and RMB Internationalization

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Changing of the Guard

Event Plenary | Apr 4–7, 2013

The Institute for New Economic Thinking held its annual plenary conference in Hong Kong from April 4-7, 2013 at the InterContinental Hotel in Kowloon. The event discussed Asia’s emergence in the global economy and other core issues.