Ravi Bhandari

Professor Ravi Bhandari is Associate Professor of Economics and Chevron Chair of Development at Saint Mary’s College in California. He has been the recipient of numerous distinguished teaching awards and has worked at the Universities of San Francisco, Hawaii, and UC Berkeley before joining SMC in 2004. His teaching and research interests include economic development and the development of economics, in addition to world economic history. Professor Bhandari has published in leading international journals such as the Journal of Developing Societies, Journal of Economic Studies, Review of International Political Economy, and Sociological Bulletin. Professionally, Professor Bhandari worked as a chief economic consultant for various international development agencies in Nepal during the 1990’s where he authored key policy reports on land reform. Recently, Ravi was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Nepal and Visiting Professor at Kathmandu University’s School of Management and Tribhuvan University exploring the causes and consequences of inequality on growth, conflict, and democracy. His current research hopes to situate the failed state status of Nepal in a larger international context with other failed/post-conflict states —-Afghanistan, Sudan, Kosovo, Congo, Cambodia, and Guatemala.

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Marxian Economics: The Oldest Systems Theory Is New Again (or Always?)

Article | Apr 9, 2015

The best new economic thinking in an age of the dominance of rent-seeking will be Marxian economic thinking