Michael Best

Michael H. Best is professor emeritus, University of Massachusetts Lowell where he was Co-Director of the Center for Industrial Competitiveness. He has examined transformation of production systems in history, economic theory, and by visiting many, many hundreds of enterprises usually in support of industrial restructuring programs in nearly twenty countries. His ‘capability and innovation’ perspective is developed and illustrated with enterprise, regional and national case studies in three books, How Growth Really Happens: The Making of Economic Miracles through Production, Governance, and Skills, Princeton University Press, 2018 (winner of the 2018 Schumpeter Prize); The New Competitive Advantage: The Renewal of American Industry, Oxford University Press, 2001 and The New Competition: Institutions of Industrial Restructuring, Harvard University Press and Polity Press, 1990. He lives in Oxford.

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World War II to Covid-19: Been Here Before and Done Better

Article | Mar 27, 2020

During WWII FDR mobilized private manufacturers to support the war effort. To keep Americans healthy, we need to do the same now for medical equipment