Lee has spent 28 years in various positions in Washington, DC. He was Chief Economist at House Appropriations and has held a similar title at the Commerce Department under President Clinton, and at other congressional committees (Joint Economic, Senate Budget, House and Senate Banking). He was also Research Director at the Economic Policy Institute. Over the years, his research interests have included monetary and fiscal policy, labor economics and income distribution, tax policy, and international trade and finance.

Price received a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University and an M.A. and J.D. in Economics and Law both from the University of Michigan.

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Property Rights and Growth: Lessons from Slavery

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Strong enforcement of property rights is good for economic growth, says the conventional wisdom. The link may not be as clear cut, says Suresh Naidu

Credit Booms Gone Bust

Video | Jan 24, 2012

Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff tell the history of financial crisis as a tale of excessive public debt. But what more commonly drives financial instability, says Moritz Schularick, is excessive private debt.

Irish Crisis Demands New Economic Thinking

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Most “state of the art” macro models trivialize financial flows and largely neglect the interaction between finance and industry. That is why they failed at predicting and illuminating the collapse of the Irish economy.