James Boughton has been Historian of the International Monetary Fund since 1992. In 2001-10, he also served as Assistant Director in the Strategy, Policy, and Review Department at the IMF. From 1981 until he was named Historian, he held various positions in the IMF Research Department. Dr. Boughton holds a Ph.D. in economics from Duke University, and before joining the IMF staff, he was Professor of Economics at Indiana University and had served as an economist at the OECD in Paris. His publications include Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund 1979-1989, a textbook on money and banking, a book on the U.S. Federal funds market, several books that he edited or co-edited, and articles in professional journals on international finance, monetary theory and policy, international policy coordination, and the history of economic thought. His latest book, Tearing Down Walls: The International Monetary Fund 1990-1999, is scheduled to be published in 2011.

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Harry Dexter White and the History of Bretton Woods

Article | Nov 9, 2013

Why does Benn Steil’s history of Bretton Woods distort the ideas of Harry Dexter White?