Florence Pisani has a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Paris Dauphine. She is currently an economist with CANDRIAM Investors Group and previously worked in the same position with the French investment bank CPR. She is also teaching at the University of Paris Dauphine

She published several books with Anton Brender. The last ones published by the CEPS, in Brussels being Global Imbalances and The Collapse of Globalised Finance (2010) and with Emile Gagna, The Sovereign Debt Crisis: Placing a Curb On Growth (2012) and Money, Finance and the Real Economy: What went wrong? (2015).

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Too much saving... or too few financing channels?

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2015

The global financial crisis led to widespread dislocation. Understanding the forces that led to such a crisis is no easy matter.

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Globalized Finance and the Crisis of 2008

Video | Feb 2, 2016

The world economy is just starting to recover from the most disastrous episode in the history of financial globalisation. Understanding what happened is essential.