Professor Jordan is best known for establishing the field of economic justice in legal theory, and for her work in financial services and civil rights. Economic Justice: Race, Gender, Identity and Economics ( 2nd Edition 2011), which is a capstone to a series of articles, chapters, and books she has written on the subject, which include: The Hidden Structures of Inequality: The Federal Reserve and a Cascade of Failures (2017) “Beyond Rational Choice: Alternative Perspectives on Economics (2006);A Woman’s Place is in the Marketplace: Gender and Economics (2006);When Markets Fail: Race and Economics (2006);Cultural Economics: Markets and Culture (2006). At the Law Center she teaches courses in Federal Regulation of Banking: Modern Financial Institutions and Change;Commercial Law: Payments and Secured Transactions, and Contemporary Issues in Economic Justice.

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From tax loopholes to high-risk speculation, Vanguard’s founder reflects on the state of Wall Street and the change needed to make finance work for ordinary people.