Cecilia Rikap

Cecilia Rikap has a Ph.D. in Economic Sciences from the Faculty of Economic Sciences – Universidad de Buenos Aires and a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching at University Level, from the same faculty. Rikap also got a Magna Cum Laude distinction for her degree in Economics.

Rikap had a Ph.D. scholarship from the Argentinean National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and currently has a Post-doctoral scholarship from the same institution, working both at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the Université Paris 13.

Rikap participated in more than 10 research projects and is currently participating in the interdisciplinary project “Analyses Critiques et interdisciplinaires des Dynamiques de l’Enseignement Supérieur dans les pays du Sud” (ACIDES-SUD), directed by David Flacher (Université Paris 13) and Etienne Gerard (Université Paris 5). Rikap is also participating in the « Intégration internationale des programmes d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche en sciences sociales de l’UBA et de l’USPC » international project, directed by David Flacher (Université Paris 13) and Alberto Müller (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

Rikap has published 11 (+2 in press) peer reviewed articles, 3 (+2 in press) book chapters and 2 working papers. Rikap has also presented 26 articles in conferences and has been speaker at 7 seminars. Rikap is currently studying global transformations of higher education and research, how universities’ transformations are contributing to blur the frontiers between public and private, and the role of scientific policy promoting university-industry collaborations.

Rikap teaches Political Economy and Microeconomics in the Universidad de Buenos Aires and has also taught Marxist Economics until 2015

Rikap has contributed to the organization of Critical Economics Conference in Argentina and was a member of the editorial committee of “Economistas Para Qué?” (ISSN: 1853-869X), an academic journal written and published by faculty and students from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Universidad de Buenos Aires.