Andrea Fumagalli

Andrea Fumagalli is a militant researcher and professor of economics in the Department of Economics and Management at University of Pavia. He teaches also Theory of Firm at University of Bologna. He is member of Effimera Network, founder member of Bin-Italy (Basic Income Network, Italy) and member of the Executive Committee of BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network and he is active in San Precario Network. Among his recent publications, see The crisis of the Global Economy. Financial markets, social struggles and new political scenarios, Semiotext(e), Mit Press, 2010 (with S.Mezzadra), “Twenty Theses on Contemporary Capitalism (Cognitive Biocapitalism)”, in Angelaki. The Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, Volume 16, Issue 3, 2011, “Life put to work: towards a theory of life-value”. Ephemera, vol. 10, p. 234-252, 2011 (with C. Morini), “A Financialized Monetary Economy of Production”, International journal of political economy, vol. 41, 2012 (with S. Lucarelli); La vie mise au travail. Nouvelles formes du capitalisme cognitif, Etherotopie France, Paris, 2015.

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Precarious Condition: A Challenge For New Forms Of Struggle

Paper Conference paper | | Feb 2015

This text is part of a research project still in working progress that collects different contributions by the author and rewrite and reanalyse some reflections, already present, in a different form, in some publications: