Dr. Andrea Fumagalli is an Associate Professor of economics in the Department of Economics and Management at University of Pavia and militant researcher. He got the abilitation for full professor in 2013 in Economic Policy. He teaches History of Economic Thought, Theory of Firms. He also teaches at the Department of Informatics Science at the University of Bologna. He is member of Effimera Network, founder member and Vice President of BIN-Italia (Basic Income Network, Italy) and member of the Executive Committee of BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network). His research interests deal with the transformation of accumulation and valorization processes in contemporary capitalism (Cognitive bio-capitalism), labour flexibility and precarization, theory of money, basic income hypothesis.

Among his recent publications, Bioeconomics and Cognitive Capitalism: towards a new accumulation paradigm, Carocci, Roma, 2007; “Basic Income and Productivity in Cognitive Capitalism”, Review of social economy Vol.LXVI (with S. Lucarelli); The crisis of the Global Economy. Financial markets, social struggles and new politicalscenarios, Semiotext(e), Mit Press, 2010; “Twenty Theses on Cognitive Biocapitalism”, in Angelaki. The Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, Vol. 16, 2011; “Life put to work: towards a theory of life-value”. Ephemera, vol. 10,2011 (with C. Morini); “A Financialized Monetary Economy of Production”, International journal of politicaleconomy, vol. 41, 2012 (with S. Lucarelli); “Cognitive Biocapitalism, the Precarity Trap, and Basic Income: Post-Crisis Perspectives”, in Garcia Agustin Oscar, Ydesen Christian (eds.), Post-Crisis Perspectives: The Common and its Powers, Peter Lang, New York, 2012; “Cognitive Bio-capitalism, social reproduction and the precarity trap: why not basic income?”, in Knowledge Cultures, 1 (4), 2015 (with C. Morini), EconomiaPolitica del Comune, DeriveApprodi, Roma, 2017, Cognitive Capitalism, Welfare and Labour.The Commonfare Hypothesis, Routledge, London, 2019 (with Alfonso Giuliani, Stefano Lucarelli, Carlo Vercellone).

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Precarious Condition: A Challenge For New Forms Of Struggle

Paper Conference paper | | Feb 2015

This text is part of a research project still in working progress that collects different contributions by the author and rewrite and reanalyse some reflections, already present, in a different form, in some publications: