Working Paper

Precarious Condition: A Challenge For New Forms Of Struggle

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This text is part of a research project still in working progress that collects different contributions by the author and rewrite and reanalyse some reflections, already present, in a different form, in some publications:

A. Fumagalli, “Cognitive Biocapitalism, the Precarity Trap, and Basic Income: Post-Crisis Perspectives”, in García Agustín Óscar, Ydesen Christian (eds.), Post-Crisis Perspectives: The Common and its Powers, Peter Lang, New York, 2013, A. Fumagalli, “La condizione precaria come paradigma biopolitico”, in F.Chicchi, E.Leonardi (a cura di), “Lavoro in frantumi. Condizione precaria, nuovi conflitti e regime neoliberista”, Ombre Corte, Verona, 2011, pp. 63-79, A. Fumagalli “Cognitive, Relational (Creative) Labor and the Precarious Movement for “Commonfare”: “San Precario” and EuroMayDay”“, forthcoming in G. Cocco, B. Szaniecki (eds), “Creative capitalism, multitudinous creativity: radicalities and alterities”, Lexington Books, Usa-New York, 2015, A. Fumagalli, “The concept of life subsumption of labour to capital: towards the life subsumption in bio-cognitive capitalism”, forthcoming in E.Fisher, C. Fuchs (eds.), “Reconsidering value and labour in the digital age”, Palgrave-Mc Millan, London, 2015