Arturo Chang

Arturo Chang is a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University. His research in Comparative Political Theory focuses on the study of collective identity formation, extra-institutional action, and the emergence of legal procedure in the Americas. His dissertation studies the deployment of collectivizing rhetoric in colonial contexts to better understand how concepts of patriotism and citizenship evolve without a necessary attachment to the nation-state. His research interests in American politics focus on representative institutions, group identity formation, civic participation, and political inequality. Arturo received a B.A. from DePaul University and an M.A. from Northwestern University.

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Economic Distress Did Drive Trump’s Win

Article | Oct 31, 2018

Contrary to the dominant media narrative, social issues like racism and sexism on their own can’t explain Trump’s success.

The Economic and Social Roots of Populist Rebellion: Support for Donald Trump in 2016

Paper Working Paper Series | | Oct 2018

This paper critically analyzes voting patterns in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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The Intercept: Donald Trump Exploited Long-Term Economic Distress to Fuel His Election Victory, Study Finds

News Oct 31, 2018

The Intercept covers a new INET paper from our Research Director Tom Ferguson and his co-authors.