11 New Economic Thinkers You Should Watch

In commemoration of the 200th episode of INET’s New Economic Thinking video series, we’re highlighting 11 new economic thinkers who embody the INET spirit: creative thinking, passion for social justice, and fearlessness in breaking the status quo.

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How to Rewrite the Rules of Globalization

Jan 10, 2018

How did globalization create such discontent in developed and developing countries alike? Nobel laureate and INET grantee Joseph Stiglitz explains in this 150th episode of our “New Economic Thinking” video series.


Teaching Economics the Adam Smith Way

Jun 6, 2018

The economist had to learn moral philosophy before anything else—an underpinning that’s still helpful for today’s students


How Neoliberalism Threatens Democracy

May 25, 2016

Professor Wendy Brown engages in an in-depth exploration of the corrosive effect of approaching education, law, politics and governance through the lens of neoliberal economic rationality.