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Call for Abstracts, Festival for New Economic Thinking

The Working Group on Philosophy of Economics is now calling for contributions!

It is not uncommon to find economists who dismiss methodology or avoid discussing it. In his “My Life Philosophy”, the great Paul Samuelson wrote, “Those who can, do science; those who can’t prattle about its methodology”. More recently, Olivier Blanchard wrote that one of the best pieces of advice he got from Rudi Dornbusch was never to talk about methodology. Similarly, many economists still believe that their models are value-free and consider this as a sign of scientificity. However, an accurate and thorough understanding of economics as a science, as well as of the implications it has for understanding the economy and economic policy and its effects, requires explicit discussion of ethics, methodology, and theory. These are all matters that are intrinsically philosophical. Taking these matters seriously is essential to New Economic Thinking.

The philosophy of economics WG invites proposals for contributed papers in all areas of philosophy of economics. Submissions related to the use of models, macroeconomics, the ‘empirical turn’ in economics, and/or combined with insights from other social sciences are particularly welcome. We especially encourage submissions from members of underrepresented groups.

All submissions ought to be original work. Click here to submit your abstract before August 21st.