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Call for Abstracts “Global liquidity, currencies and financial stability”

The Working Group on Financial Stability invites young researchers to submit their abstracts in one of the following areas.

1. Global liquidity: How do different factors (e.g. regulation, monetary & fiscal policy, financial market infrastructure, rise in shadow banking, international monetary system design) impact global liquidity? What are the implications for financial stability? We are particularly interested in papers that explore the links between global liquidity and the following subjects:  cross-border capital flows, financialization, central bank tools, public & private debt, derivative markets, foreign exchange issues, the role of the dollar/ renminbi).

2. Banking regulation: Is banking regulation pro-cyclical or countercyclical? How should we address shadow banking? How should macroprudential policy interact with microprudential policy, monetary policy and fiscal policies? How does banking regulation affect long-term investment?

3. Fintech/Cryptocurrencies: What are the opportunities and challenges that arise with the use of cryptocurrencies? What are the implications for financial stability (e.g. through the use of distributed ledger systems, the circumvention of capital flows with cryptocurrencies)? Is financial innovation neutral?

Papers that address those issues from the money view and/or a financial stability perspective will be given priority. For each topic, we provided only examples of questions of interest. If your work is related to Banking Regulation your research might also be relevant to the Finance, Law and Economics Working group. If your work is related to Fintech/ Cryptocurrencies your research might also be relevant to the Finance, Law and Economics or Innovation Working Groups.

Submissions ought to be original work. Please click here to submit your abstract.