Institutional Investors and the Offshore Hedge Fund Industry: Investigating Patterns of Linkage, Organization, and Governance

This research project combines interdisciplinary expertise with a wholly unique database on hedge funds compiled by the Foundation for Fund Governance to examine the organization and governance of the offshore hedge fund industry.

Despite the substantial exposure of pension funds, endowments, charities, and other institutional investors to hedge funds, little research has been done on the market and other risks that surround the industry, yet the implications for financial stability are considerable. Using social anthropology, social network analysis, portfolio theory, and computational social science, this project broadens and deepens the data through systematic computational analysis of the database, fieldwork among pension fund managers and advisers, and the addition of pension fund performance and financial expertise. The research also greatly expands the visualizations of the data and makes them user-friendly to the general public. The study contributes to the scholarly literature in several fields, including hedge fund governance, institutional investment, finance, computational social science, and the anthropology and sociology of finance.