Yun K. Kim

Macroeconomics, Post Keynesian Economics, Monetary Economics

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Professor Kim has conducted research on the macroeconomic implications of household debt. Recently, his works have investigated the effects of consumption emulation through borrowing on income distribution and economic growth; the interplay of financial deregulation, income distribution, aggregate demand, and the consumption emulation motive to understand the mechanisms of macroeconomic cycles; the implications of different debt-servicing behaviors for macroeconomic stability.

Before coming to the University of Massachusetts Boston, Professor Kim taught at American University, Trinity College, and Bowdoin College. His teaching areas include macroeconomics, monetary economics, and economic growth.

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Household Borrowing and the Possibility of “Consumption- Driven, Profit-Led Growth”

Paper Working Paper Series | | Jan 2016

We first show that, with a Kaleckian structure that is consistent with Pasinetti (1962), the relationship between distribution and growth is more robust than conventional wisdom suggests. Next, we extend our model by incorporating borrowing and emulation effects into workers’ consumption behavior, under different assumptions about how debt is serviced.

Debt Servicing, Aggregate Consumption, and Growth

Paper Working Paper Series | | Nov 2015

We develop a neo-Kaleckian growth model that emphasizes the importance of consumption behavior.

Inequality, Debt Servicing, and the Sustainability of Steady State Growth

Paper Working Paper Series | | Nov 2015

We investigate the claim that the way in which debtor households service their debts matters for macroeconomic performance.