Xiao Yuqiang

Mr. Yuqiang Xiao is the Chairman of ICBC US Management Committee, the General Manager of ICBC New York Branch, the Chairman of ICBC (USA) NA and the Chairman of ICBC Financial Services LLC. He also held the title of senior economist of ICBC.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Xiao had been serving as the General Manager of ICBC Paris Branch since 2010 (as head of the preparatory team of ICBC Paris Branch before its opening). Thanks to it’s remarkable business growth since establishment, ICBC Paris Branch soon became one of the most important foreign banks in France and was awarded as Best Investor of Ile-de-France in 2011.

During 2005-2010, Mr. Xiao worked for ICBC Tokyo Branch. He was appointed the Assistant General Manager of ICBC Tokyo Branch first and then further promoted to the Deputy General Manager in 2007.

Mr. Xiao joined ICBC in early 90s, working for the its Jilin Branch in China, during which Mr. Xiao engaged mainly in international business and accumulated great experience in banking industry, especially in the areas of credit, international trading and business development. With his excellent skills and performance, Mr. XIAO was promoted to Executive Vice President of a key sub-branch in April 2001.

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