Steve Clemons

Steve Clemons is Editor-at-Large for The Hill. He is an MSNBC Contributor and comments frequently on politics, economics, and foreign affairs on national television and radio outlets. Clemons is publisher of the widely-read political blog, The Washington Note. He also serves as Senior Fellow & Founder of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation.

Prior to his time at the New America Foundation, Clemons was the Executive Vice President of the Economic Strategy Institute, worked on Capitol Hill as a Senior Policy Advisor on Economic and International Affairs to Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), and was the first Executive Director of the Nixon Center. He is also co-founder and former director of the Japan Policy Research Institute.

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Dissident vs Mainstream Tension at New Economic Thinking Conference

News Apr 9, 2011

What is the right way to achieve change?

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The Future of Work | Economic and Social Policies for the Digital Era

moderated by Steve Clemons with Dani Rodrik, Pavlina Tcherneva and Laura Tyson

Event Webinar | Jan 26, 2021

Given the mounting need to create good jobs, effect structural change, and transform the economy, what should policy priorities be in the digital era? Is there a role for industrial policy? What new policy options do we need to achieve inclusive prosperity?

Dr Anthony Fauci: ‘We Will End This Outbreak' | The Bottom Line

Video | Dec 31, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells host Steve Clemons that the United States can go back to “normal” in the autumn, which starts in September 2021, if 70-85 percent of Americans get vaccinated by the summer.

The Future of Work | The Work of Future: How Will Work Be Different?

moderated by Steve Clemons with Erik Brynjolfsson, Nancy Folbre and Kai-Fu Lee

Event Webinar | Oct 27, 2020

In the future, how will work be different, what jobs are most at risk, what jobs are likely to grow?

The Future of Work | What's at Stake?

moderated by Steve Clemons with James Manyika and Michael Spence

Event Webinar | Sep 22, 2020

Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence are quickly reaching tipping points, yet our policies, institutions and mindsets are woefully outdated. What will work look like in the future, and how do we secure a future that works for all?