I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics program at the University of New Hampshire. My dissertation focuses on currency risk, excess returns and Imperfect Knowledge (IKE) in foreign exchange markets. The innovation of my thesis is in using the IKE model of risk that jettisons the standard notion of rationality and can account for empirical regularities in the data across both developed and developing countries. My other research interests include monetary policy, growth, foreign direct investment and time series econometrics.
Previously, I received M.A. in Economics from UNH in 2009, and B.S. in International Economics from the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” in 2008. I also studied the course on Cointegrated VAR methodology and applications at the University of Copenhagen during summer 2012.
Besides my Ph.D. studies, I am instructor at the University of New Hampshire and junior research associate at the INET Program on IKE.

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Forward-Rate Bias, Contingent Knowledge, and Risk: Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2013

In this paper, we examine one of the core puzzles in International Macroeconomics, the so-called “forward-discount anomaly.”