Nina Shapiro

Nina Shapiro is Professor Emeritus of Economics at Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey. She has also taught at Rutgers University, where she directed graduate study in the history of economic thought, and at Drexel University and Franklin and Marshall College. She has been on the editorial board of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics since 1984, and has a number of papers on Keynesian and Post Keynesian economics. Her work spans the fields of macro and microeconomics, with recent publications on the problems of austerity economics and the effects of financialization on the innovation of firms. She co-edited a volume on the economics of Josef Steindl: Rethinking Capitalist Development, and is currently working on a book on the function of firms and their conceptions in economics.

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The Hidden Cost of Privatization

Article | Jun 13, 2017

Why some goods and services should stay in the public domain