Nicholas Gruen

Nicholas Gruen is an economist, entrepreneur and social commentator.

He is CEO of Lateral Economics, Visiting Professor at Kings College London Policy Institute and Adjunct Professor at The University of Technology Sydney.

He is Patron of the Australian Digital Alliance, comprising Australia’s libraries, universities, and digital infrastructure providers such as Google and Yahoo.

Past positions include

  • Chair, Government 2.0 Taskforce, Australian Government (2009)
  • Chair of the Open Knowledge Foundation (Australia) (2015-2020),
  • Council Member of the National Library of Australia (2013-16),
  • Chairman of the Federal Government’s Innovation Australia (2013-14) (Member from 2011)
  • Chairman of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) (2010-16).

He was the founding chair of Kaggle, which was sold to Google and an international start up investor. He was also founding chair of HealthKit (now Halaxy) and is former chair of global aged care software provider Health Metrics.

He has advised Cabinet Ministers, sat on Australia’s Productivity Commission and founded Lateral Economics and Peach Financial in 2000.

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